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extras alerts los angeles background casting notice. posted at 2:18 pm pacific on tuesday, march 22, 2022. sande alessi casting must be frequently dosed casting sag and non-union for popular tv series per disney’s policy, must be fully dosed and rooster in order to work. 1) looking for men and women of all ages and ethnicities – including middle eastern, bi-racial and multi-ethnic. must be available to fit the week of april 4th and have open availability to work the week of may 9th and week of june 6th. subject line: humans 2) looking for men and women in their 20’s-30’s, all ethnicities, who have a military appearance. men should have clean cut hair and ok to be clean shaven. subject line: crew please submit you name, email, phone number, current sizes (height, weight, coat, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe, union status and fully…

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