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Still not drunk yet? Then you must have another shot, or maybe there is something wrong with their whiskey, maybe it’s not really whiskey! Ready to help stop the insanity? Then sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/end-hollywood-vaccine-mandates and share with your Background Friends. Cheers

extras alerts los angeles background casting notice. posted at 3:07 pm pacific on tuesday, march 22, 2022. central casting must be frequently dosed non union submissions only – this is for a feature film that shot in london and we are doing re-shoots here and the entire show is non union. this show doesn’t require a mandatory fully dosed for zone a, but you will need to complete a pre-employment test photo double: male to portray age 20’s to 30’s, height 5’11 to 6’2, around 160-170 lbs. hair and facial hair should match the photo below. rapid test/costume fitting on thursday 3/24 in los angeles. we are paying half the nu rate of $60 for the fitting test (pre work) on saturday 3/26 – again, we will pay half the nu rate of $60 for the test. shoot dates: monday 3/28, tuesday 3/29 and thursday 3/31. this shoots in long beach and we asking them to pay mileage. please send a…

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