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extras alerts los angeles background casting notice. posted at 2:49 pm pacific on monday, march 6, 2023. sande alessi casting must be frequently dosed union caucasian and hispanic males, ages 45-60, to be one of our “regionals” working the following dates with testing prior. working: march 14th and 15th testing: 24-48 hours prior to filming. looking for fully dosed males, ages 45-60 years old! must be available for both shoot days and for testing prior. this production requires fully dosed rates: u: 187 for 8 hours with time and a half after 8 u $100 test bump fittings: 1/4 base rate if this is you or someone you know, please email – legal first and last name (stage name in parenthesis) – phone number – current-day photos of yourself (chest up & head to toe (no hats, sunglasses, filters, or other people) – full sizes (including height & weight, shirt, pants, shoe, and any additional sizes that you know) – union status (include union # if sag) – location (city you live in) – confirmation if…

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